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Kristina Borbelyova Paulin

Who I am

I am a freelance choreographer with an ultimate drive to share my creative visions and art. I connect deeply with dance as I feel it is a way of communication that transcends word and speech. To be moved by dance is to be moved by raw emotion. For this reason, I endeavour to share as much of my work as possible with audiences, in the hope that they will be as moved by this art form as I am.

From the beginning of the 2024-2025 season and onwards, I will be taking on the mantel of deputy artistic director and house choreographer for Ballet Karlsruhe. I very much look forward to assuming this role and am eager to bring my work to the city of Karlsruhe and its visitors.

Prior to this new beginning, I was a long standing member of the Hamburg Ballet, with over 11 seasons of experience under my belt. It was here that I discovered a new avenue of artistry in Choreography. I am inspired by elements of both classical and contemporary bodies of movement and almost always pursue the objective of narrating a story through my work. With the knowledge gained through my experiences and with thanks to the guidance of my mentors, I am able to pave the way for myself and create new works confidently. I strive to always create and bring to fruition the best product for both my dancers and audiences.

Kristina Paulin

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets”

Ludwig Van Beethoven


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